Working With An Exercise Professional


By: Ron Zacker

If you want to learn how to play tennis or golf, you take lessons from a pro. Learning how to perform resistance exercise is no different, but many people don’t believe they really need someone to teach them how to exercise. This is unfortunate, as working with a qualified exercise professional will extend to you several advantages.


A trainer will teach you proper technique and form. They will also prescribe the volume and frequency of exercise, and choose the movements that you will perform. The trainer’s guidance should help you to achieve the results you’re after in the safest, most efficient manner possible.


Nothing makes you accomplish something like having a deadline to meet. Setting a date and time to exercise will greatly increase your likelihood of actually doing the exercise rather than putting it off until that “tomorrow” that never seems to come.


Working with a trainer takes the anxiety out of wondering if you’re performing the exercise correctly. You will feel more at ease when you exercise with a trainer.


In addition to the accountability of having someone waiting for you, a good trainer will incorporate enough change into your sessions to keep things interesting, if not downright fun.


Make sure you choose a trainer that you click with. Your relationship will likely be a unique, enjoyable and supportive one.



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