These Are a Few of My Favorite Things


By: Scott M. King

Over the Fourth of July weekend, my family and I went to the county fair. It was a great day, but the noise really started to bug me, and I began to get cranky. How dare the barkers at the carnival shout so loudly! Why did the rides have to play music incessantly? My children wanted money for this ride and that toy, and I wanted to yell at them and tell them they couldn’t have one more nickel!

Then I sat down to have a bite to eat. Of course, I tested first—and discovered my blood glucose was 65. That was the reason for my crankiness, even though I had thought it was just the noise and the hustle and bustle of the fair!

That’s one of the annoying things about diabetes: Fluctuating blood glucose can affect our moods. Plus, we’re at higher risk for some pretty nasty complications. And the day-to-day attention we have to pay to what and when we eat and to medications or insulin and to exercise and exertion and . well, just living can pile stress upon stress.

So when Diabetes Health got a query from Aimee Perrin proposing an article about the good parts of having diabetes, we were curious enough to ask her to write it. The article begins on page 30 of this issue.

Truthfully, we were a bit doubtful that she could find one good thing about having diabetes, much less the 10 she proposed.

But when the article arrived, it struck a chord with the editorial staff, and we all became very excited. Managing Editor Daniel Trecroci declared it the “most refreshing article I’ve read!”

There are many bad things about diabetes, and all too often we tend to focus on the negatives. But Aimee’s article got me thinking too. What are the good things that have happened in my life because I have diabetes?

Diabetes led me on an odyssey of self-discovery. I started with frequent trips to the library to look up information about diabetes. The information I found led to a radio program where I interviewed experts about diabetes. That snowballed into this magazine. I believe having diabetes myself is a bonus because I can better understand what is needed to serve people with diabetes.

When my mother was diagnosed with diabetes, the knowledge I had gained from dealing with my own illness allowed me to help her get her type 2 diabetes under control. She felt a lot better, and I was happy knowing that I could help the person who had been there for me when I was younger.

I met my good friend Ted because I have diabetes. He came into our diabetes supply store ten years ago to purchase supplies. We became friends, and he and his family ended up moving down the street from us. I met another friend, Steve, because his mother reads the magazine. Once when I met Steve to go for a bike ride, I discovered I had forgotten my insulin kit. We stopped by his mother’s house, and she gave me a fresh syringe and popped open a new vial of insulin so I could give myself an injection for lunch.

My diabetes also got me a kiss from Miss America. A lot of positive things have happened in my life because I have diabetes. How about you? Can you think of 10 good things about having diabetes?



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