Do You, Insulin Pen, Take This BG Meter?


By: Daniel Trecroci

“I think the InDuo is the cat’s meow,” says Jane Seley, RN, NP, CDE, a doctoral candidate at New York University. “It’s fast, easy and accurate.”

Making its debut at the ADA scientific sessions in Philadelphia this past June, the InDuo is a marriage of two recently FDA-approved diabetes technologies: LifeScan’s OneTouch Ultra blood glucose meter and Novo Nordisk’s Innovo insulin pen. The integration of the two—in which the 3-milliliter Innovo is fused with the OneTouch Ultra—was designed to help solve the problems of regularly testing blood sugars and injecting the right amount of insulin at the right time.


Some of the InDuo’s features include:

  • Its small size
  • Meter allows alternate-site testing. It can draw blood from the arm, in addition to the finger.
  • Meter requires only one microliter of blood
  • Test results in only five seconds
  • An easy-to-dial and -inject insulin doser
  • A memory feature that remembers the last time you injected insulin and the amount you injected.

“By putting these two processes that people have to do daily into one combined, compact and discreet device, it will be easier for people to manage their diabetes,” says Julie Arel, international communications manager for Novo Nordisk.

Making More Informed Decisions

Francine Kaufman, MD, head of the division of endocrinology and metabolism at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles says the InDuo, “will be an incremental improvement in putting two pieces of needed equipment together.”

The InDuo, according to Novo Nordisk, “offers insulin users the opportunity to make more informed dosing decisions with the benefit of blood-glucose test results.”

Avoiding Errors in Insulin Administration

With the InDuo, dosages of insulin can be adjusted in one-unit increments, whether up or down, using the Innovo “dial-a-dose” feature.

FDA approved on March 19 of this year, the Innovo allows a user who accidentally dials 22 units to dial back to 20, if need be.

Novo Nordisk says the InDuo accepts 3-ml PenFill insulin cartridges, which are sold separately. These include Novolin R, L, 70/30 and the soon-to-be-available Novolog insulin. These cartridges hold 300 units of insulin. A regular vial of insulin holds 1,000 units.

One industry source says the InDuo will not be able to utilize 3-ml cartridges of other manufacturers due to design features of the Innovo pen. The source says, however, that it will take all pen needles.

Memory Feature

Like the Innovo, as Diabetes Health reported in its May issue, the InDuo features a memory function showing how long ago an insulin user’s last dose was taken and how many units were taken (see picture above).

“That makes people feel more comfortable because a lot of the time people forget if they have taken their insulin or not,” says Arel.

Gives Results in Five Seconds and Hold Up to 150 Readings

The meter component of the InDuo features OneTouch Ultra technology from LifeScan, so it offers test results in a five-second-test time. This is the fastest meter available today. LifeScan says this meter also offers the broadest operating temperature range (43° to 111° Fahrenheit) giving people the freedom to test their blood glucose outdoors in a wider range of hot and cold conditions.

Requiring only one microliter of blood for testing, the OneTouch Ultra allows people to test on the arm where there are fewer nerve endings. Also, it includes a 150-test memory with time and date; 14- and 30-day test averaging; no cleaning and the option to download test data to a personal computer using LifeScan’s InTouch Diabetes Management Software, version 1.32, available separately.

Get a Grip

The InDuo also has an ergonomic grip and an injection shoulder, which makes it easier to hold against your skin when administering insulin.

“Because it is wider and shorter compared to other injection devices, it is easier to grip and inject,” says Arel. “Also, the injection shoulder keeps the doser nice and stable against your skin, adding to the increased comfort while you inject.”

When Will it Be Available?

Peter Rosenorn, senior product manager of new devices for Novo Nordisk says the InDuo will first be available for patient use through doctor’s offices within the next few months and select retail chains thereafter. The names of the retail chains, exact cost of the InDuo and date of availability could not be confirmed at press time.

For more information about InDuo, call (877) 520-9056.



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