Blocking Progress

On Monday, August 23rd, a federal court blocked federal funding of embryonic stem cell research; ruling that the Obama Administration’s policy violates federal law.   

The U.S. District Court’s funding for embryonic stem cell research sparked a conflagration of controversy as scientists in the field grapple with the devastating blow this ruling has dealt to their work.

The consensus in the field is that if the ruling cannot be lifted soon, this will do irreparable harm.

As ADA’s President of Medicine & Science Richard Bergenstal, MD, stated in response, “This decision stands as a roadblock to research that has shown great promise in finding a cure for diabetes and treating its complications.”  

There is great concern that his ruling may not only halt embryonic stem cell research funded under the Obama Administration’s rules, but also halt all federally funded studies of this type, including research approved under the Bush Administration’s guidelines. 

The American Diabetes Association has extensively advocated for stem cell research and the expansion of federal funding to support these vital efforts using ethical guidelines, and will work tirelessly to fight this terrible decision and restore stem cell research.   

The ADA alerts that 24 million Americans with diabetes and their loved ones cannot stand by while progress is being blocked as the promise that stem cell research holds for a cure and better treatments for diabetes and that “We will not give up until federal funding for this incredibly valuable research is restored.”

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