Biting Off Less Than You Can Chew

Louisiana researchers say that controlling the sizeof your food bites significantly reduces food andcaloric intake.

A new patented dental approach, known asthe DDS system, is a removable tool that isinserted into the upper palate of the mouth, likea retainer. This reduces the size of the oral cavity,which, in turn, reduces bite size.

Thirty-two adults between the ages of 18 to65 with a body mass index ranging from 27and 40 were randomized to a study. On Day1, participants ate all their meals and stayedbetween meals at a research center. On Day2, experimental participants utilized the DDSsystem during meals.

Results showed that the experimental groupate an average of 659 fewer calories per daycompared to the day 1 control group, which atean average of 126 fewer calories per day.

The reduction in food intake was not associatedwith changes in ratings of hunger or satiety inthis short study. Longer-term, larger studies areneeded to validate the usefulness of this tool inobesity management.

Obesity Research, November 2005

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