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Behind the Scenes, Infusion Sets Thrive

Even the best known actors can’t make a hit movie on their own. They need people behind the scenes. Just like those stars of the silver screen, the standard insulin pump can’t do its job all by itself. No, the classic-model pump needs an infusion set to deliver its insulin to patients.

The humble infusion set doesn’t attract headlines or seek a lot of publicity. Like some film crew folk, it’s content with a job well done. But infusion sets got some important attention on November 13, 2011, when medical device company Spring Health Solutions gave them a noteworthy role all their own.

The company donated a three-year supply of infusion sets — and $250 — to the Arden’s Day Untitled Giving Project, an initiative to bring insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors to kids whose families might not be able to afford them.

Spring Health Solutions makes the Spring Universal Infusion Set, which works with most insulin pumps on the market. The company takes particular pride in the product’s hidden and auto-retractable needle, as well as its small size.

The Untitled Giving Project was created by blogger (and father of a diabetic child) Scott Benner. He hopes to raise money and supplies to help uninsured or underinsured kids by giving them top-notch diabetes technology and treatment. For information on Benner’s project, go to

With that round of publicity done, infusion sets can go back to what they do best: working quietly and reliably in the background, always ready to keep the star performer in line.


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