Be Part of the Cure

Hundreds of people like you are choosing to Be Part of Cure. They are sharing their personal experiences – both heartbreaking and inspiring – of how diabetes has touched their lives.

Their photos and stories on our special website are creating a powerful story of a community coming together to fight for a cure. Stories like these…

A father writes that his daughter knows more about having diabetes than most people on the planet – “We’ll all be happy when that is mostly useless information.” That’s why he’s part of the CURE.

A mother writes that her daughter was diagnosed at 8 months old – “A day I will never forget and a day she will never remember.” That’s why she’s part of the CURE.

A blogger writes that he felt alone and scared when he was diagnosed at 17. Then he found the diabetes online community – and started a website so others with diabetes, “don’t feel the loneliness I did for so long.” That’s why he’s part of the CURE.

A wife and mother with type 1 lives on a sailboat with her husband and two daughters and vows to, “not let diabetes stop me from achieving my dreams.” That’s why she’s part of the CURE.

These are just a few of the heartbreaking and inspiring stories that make up the mosaic of lives touched by diabetes. 

Why do you want to be part of the CURE? Whether you have diabetes yourself or care about someone who does, you can make a difference. Post your story today at Make a minimum $10 donation to support the Diabetes Research Institute, a world leader in cure-focused research.  

It’s fun and easy – and your donation can make twice the impact! Our generous campaign sponsors Animas and LifeScan will match the first $25,000 in donations. 

But that’s not all – by simply taking part in the CURE campaign, you’ll have a chance to win two tickets to the concert of your choice in your local area.

Plus, your participation is everlasting! The final CURE image – with your photo – will be printed on a giant banner that will hang at the Diabetes Research Institute to serve as a constant reminder of our mission – to cure diabetes.

And with your donation of $50 or more, you’ll get a mouse pad with the final CURE image so you can display your commitment to putting an end to this disease.

So take part now and Be Part of the Cure for millions of children and adults living with diabetes.


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