Baseline A1C Level Is the Key

In people with higher A1Cs, rapid-actinginsulin analogs NovoLog (insulin aspart)and Humalog (insulin lispro) are moreeffective in achieving optimal blood glucosecontrol when administered with insulinpumps rather than via multiple daily insulininjections (MDII), according to University ofToronto researchers.

Data on 139 adults with type 1 diabeteswere evaluated from previous studies.The studies differed significantly in meanbaseline A1C levels (7.95%, 8.20% and9.27%).

“A model derived from these data predictsthat in a patient with a baseline A1C of10%, [rapid-acting insulin in pumps] wouldreduce the A1C by an additional 0.65%compared with MDII,” write the researchers.On the other hand, there would be no A1Cbenefit to using rapid-acting insulin inpumps, compared with MDII, if baselineA1Cs were 6.5%.

The researchers conclude that using fast-actinginsulin in pumps may be uniquelyadvantageous in adults with type 1 diabetesand poor blood glucose control.

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