Bariatric Surgery Was the Answer for Annie

“I can bend over and paint my own toenails now,” saysAnnie, who had bariatric surgery on February 5, 2005.

Annie had tried everything to lose weight—dieting, countingcarbs, exercise, —and she was honest—she even has herfood logs to prove it.

“No matter what I did, I just couldn’t lose enough tomake a difference in my diabetes management. I got so frustrated.It’s tough to follow a program when you don’t seeresults.”

A Discussion About Bariatric Surgery

In Annie’s case, nothing really worked. Her cousin Rogershowed his love for her by having a serious discussion with herabout bariatric surgery. After speaking with her doctor, they feltcomfortable enough for her to undergo the surgery.

“It is certainly not an easy process. They check you from headto toe. Not an inch of my body was left unchecked. From my mentalstatus, to all of my working parts. My surgeon told me that mydiabetes would start improving immediately [after having thesurgery], and it did.”

Have to Admit, It’s Getting Better

Annie is just as honest now as she was before. She does just abouteverything her healthcare professionals instruct her to do. She eatsher protein foods first, then her vegetables and fruit. She admitsthere are times she has overeaten or eaten things that hernow-smaller stomach can’t handle.

Although Annie knows that bariatric surgery is not for everyone, sheknows that it worked for her.

Annie’s problem
“When I quit smoking, I gained a lot of weight. It became avicious circle, trying to lose and gaining back more than Ilost.”

Annie’s reason
“I knew I would die [if I didn’t lose the weight]. I wasn’t ready. I have two grandkids, my daughter and my husband to do things with.”

What was in Annie’s way?
I couldn’t move much. I was hungry right after I ate a meal, and of course, I would eat.

Bariatric surgery—the roux en y procedure. “I do the things that I’m supposed to do, and I move more.”

Before making changes

 October 1, 2005Present
Weight344 pounds236 pounds
Average blood glucose200 mg/dl–250 mg/dl85 mg/dl–95 mg/dl
Lipid Profile
Total cholesterol188 mg/dl199 mg/dl
Triglycerides210 mg/dl192 mg/dl
HDL49 mg/dl45 mg/dl
LDL97 mg/dl116 mg/dl

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