Banting Farmhouse

Regarding your article on the Banting Homestead ("Historic Homestead of Insulin Discoverer May Become Housing Development"), I would like topoint out a number of facts that have not received sufficientattention.

The homestead never actually belonged to Sir Frederick Banting. Itwas the property of his parents. He grew up there but left in 1917,and the barn and implement shed were built afterward. In fact, thehouse on the property, often referred to as his birthplace, wasactually constructed in 1925, six years after his departure.

The simple fact that the property was left to a historical societydoes not make it of heritage significance. As the historic sitetasked by the Canadian government with preserving and presenting thebirthplace of insulin and the legacy of Sir Frederick Banting, onewould think the media would contact us for clarification on theissue. To date, they have not. This has resulted in only one side ofthe issue being presented, and has thus confused and in somerespects misled the public.

As I stated at the outset, this issue is a mess. Until it is finallybrought to a close, it will continue to be a disservice both to thepublic and to the legacy of a national, indeed, an internationalhero.

Grant M. Maltman, Curator
Banting House
National Historic Site of Canada
Adelaide Street North
London ON N6B 3H8 Canada

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