Balancing Work, Family and Friends Is Most Rewarding for Type 1 Judy Petitt

At age eight Judy Petitt was diagnosed by a doctor as Type 1. But the first few doctors she went to didn’t accurately diagnose her diabetes. 


“I had lost a lot of weight, was very tired and extremely hungry,” Judy says. “The right blood work showed Type 1 and I began treatment. 


“As a child I felt different from other kids because every morning I left class and went to the cafeteria for a snack. I was glad for the snack but didn’t like feeling singled out.” 


For 15 years Judy has used an Omnipod Insulin Pump. “I inject insulin into the pump and my doctor tells me how much insulin to take around the clock,” Judy explains. “So the amount is dispensed automatically. It makes managing my Type 1 easier because it takes the guesswork out of things.”


Drinking a protein shake or eating eggs for breakfast and having a salad for lunch, Judy usually cooks meat and some vegetables for dinner. 


Now 52 and a bookkeeper, Judy was taught by her parents not to let diabetes be an excuse. “Mom and Dad said that I could have a happy, fulfilling life and that’s exactly what I have been doing,” Judy says. “When my family gets together – my two grown daughters and three beautiful grandchildren – we have a blast.”


A lifelong Oklahoman, Judy and her husband, Danny, enjoy spending their free time putting the top down on their convertible and taking road trips, with no particular destination in mind, in the summer months. They just see where the road takes them.


On weekends they like exploring Grand Lake in Grove, OK. “People swim and boat on the lake and the area is so pretty,” she explains. “It’s a great place to relax.


“Type 1 diabetics are often lumped together but the fact is we are all individuals. We have good days and bad days, and sometimes it’s not obvious why your blood sugar isn’t what you think it should be. Lean on your family, friends and God, and do your best every day.” 

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