Avandia May Benefit Overweight Type 1s

Overweight type 1s may improve their blood glucose control without increasingtheir insulin dosage by supplementing their control regimen with the type 2insulin-sensitizing drug Avandia (rosiglitazone), say Dallas, Texas,researchers.

A total of 50 adult type 1s with a body mass index of 27 were randomlyassigned to take insulin and placebo or insulin and 4 milligrams of Avandiatwice daily for a period of eight months. The treatment goal in both groups wasto achieve near-normal glucose levels.

A1C levels in both groups improved significantly. The total daily insulindose decreased slightly in subjects taking Avandia an average of 77.5 to 75.3units.

The incidence of weight gain and of hypoglycemia did not differ between thetwo treatment groups.

Diabetes Care, July 2005

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