Avandia Found to Decrease After-Meal Triglycerides and Free Fatty Acid Concentrations

A Dutch study found that in people with type 2,the drug Avandia improved metabolism of largetriglyceride-rich lipoproteins and decreased after-meal free fatty acid metabolism concentrations.

An eight-week, double-blinded trial was performedin which 19 type 2s were administered Avandia indoses of 4 milligrams twice daily. While Avandiadid not change fasting triglyceride levels, it didsignificantly improve after-meal triglyceride levels.

In addition, Avandia decreased free fatty acid levels1 percent as compared with a placebo.

The researchers speculate that these findings mayhave clinical implications in that reduced after-meal free fatty acid concentrations may offercardiovascular risk reduction for type 2s.

Diabetes Care, April 2005

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