AskNadia: Why is My Blood Sugar High After Exercise

Hello Nadia,

I have type 2 diabetes. Why does my blood sugar run high after I exercise on a treadmill?


Detroit MI

Dear RB,

There are many reasons why your blood sugars run high after exercising on a treadmill. My first piece of advice is to speak to your healthcare professional. If you have a blood sugar log before and after exercise, including your meals, this will greatly assist your healthcare team,  in being able to assist you in achieving good blood sugars after exercising.


 Some Reason for High Blood Sugars?

You might be starting your exercise with less insulin. If this is the case, then exercise will raise your blood sugar. Not enough insulin combined with exercise can stimulate the liver to secrete other hormones like Cortisol and Glucagon, which can raise your blood sugar.

Kris Berg wrote a great article for us where he discusses how the liver converts fats to strong acids, which turn into ketones. This is something that can hospitalize you, if you are not careful. I would recommend getting a ketone test strip in addition to testing before and after exercise. Again most importantly, start with your healthcare professional team.

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Nadia’s feedback on your question is in no way intended to replace your healthcare professionals therapy or advice. Please check in with your medical team to discuss your diabetes management concerns.

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