AskNadia: Does Diabetes Increases My Risk for Alzheimer

Why is being a diabetic increase my chances for having Alzheimer?

Debbie Johnson


Dear Debbie,

Alzheimer, like type 2 diabetes is an aging disease. What they have in common; both are a result of chronic insulin resistance.

For people living with diabetes, insulin resistance can affect eyes, feet, nerves, and kidneys. The body’s inability to metabolize sugar and convert it to energy affects the brain. The brain needs insulin for the synapses; the transmitting component of the nerve cell, to work properly.

For people living with Alzheimer, their diagnosis is thought to be a result of insulin resistance. The brains inability to use glucose properly impairs its ability to function.

The by-product of insulin resistance accounts for a higher probability of an Alzheimer diagnosis; especially for people living with diabetes.

People with pre-diabetes are at risk because their insulin resistance can be a precursor to an Alzheimer diagnosis later in life.

Some healthcare professionals refer to Alzheimer as Type 3 diabetes because, like Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance is a contributing factor to an Alzheimer diagnosis.

The American Diabetes Association does not define or use the term Type 3 diabetes. However, in the diabetes community, Type 3 diabetes is referred to the family members who take care of a loved one, living with diabetes.

I am stating the obvious when I say, the best way to decrease your probability of getting diagnosed with Alzheimer is to be proactive when you experience insulin resistance. Diet, exercise and testing your blood sugar frequently, can be an insurance policy to impede or avert an Alzheimer diagnosis.

Here is a great short video on YouTube about Alzheimer.

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