AskNadia: How I Manage My High Blood Sugars During an Intense Workout

I want to share a success story with you. Dave, below wrote to me to tell me how he adjusted his blood sugars when he found his usual insulin dose was not working for him. When you read this, don’t assume the same principle applies to you. Everyone’s insulin dose is determined by their healthcare professional. Dave makes a good point. He has learned to adjust his insulin dosing based on his blood sugar reading. This level of diabetes literacy comes with working with your healthcare professional.

You don’t need to have a question to write to me. Diabetes Health is a community where we share our personal stories. Don’t ever doubt your success will become someone else’s hope.

Dear Nadia:

At the age of 62 ( 47 yr Type1), I started playing pickleball 3x/week for approximately 4 hours a session. To my surprise, I have seen my glucose levels rise from 100 – 120 mg/dL range at the start of the session to well over 300. By the time I took my standard 1 unit of Humalog insulin for every 20 mg/dL increase in blood sugar above 100, I had found ten units of insulin had no impact on bringing down my glucose levels down 2-3 hours later. I had to take an additional 10 unit shot to bring my blood sugars down. For me, the only way I’ve been able to manage this activity level for 4 hours is to take an additional shot of Humalog of 8-10 units after the 1st hour of playing pickleball or when my glucose level is approaching the 180 – 200 range.
My typical day is eight units at 6 am and then eight units if eating lunch. My insulin intake has now increased to take an additional 20 units of Humalog for the same time of 6:00 am to 1:00 pm when increasing my activity level, and my intake of carbs for all of this insulin has been maybe 15 grams for breakfast.


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