AskNadia: How Do I Calculate My A1c from My Blood Sugar Range?

Dear Nadia,

My blood sugar has been hovering around 220 and 240. How do I calculate my A1c?


Dear Sam:

The term A1c is the buzzword for knowing your blood sugar range. Your targeted blood sugar A1c is something that you and your healthcare professional will determine together. Reason being if your blood sugars are hovering around 220 with an A1c of 9%, it would be unrealistic to target a 6.5 or 7 A1c overnight.

What I have seen healthcare professional do is slowly lower your A1c target, so it becomes more achievable with little successes along the way.

In your case, your healthcare professional may choose a 9% A1c as a starter baseline while you both work together in bringing it down with diet and medication.

Maintaining a healthy blood sugar range, barring any other medical or medication contraindication, will delay or prevent diabetes complications.

“The American Diabetes Association classifies high blood sugar when glucose levels are:

180 mg/dl one to two hours after you eat
130 mg/dl before you eat
100 mg/dl when fasting
140 mg/dl before you go to bed”

Their recommended A1c target is 7 %. The number is a general guideline and does not necessarily apply to everyone.

The American Association of Endocrinologist recommend a 6.5 A1c, but again, this is a rule of thumb and may not apply to you.

At a quick glance, here is the A1c calculator:

Percent Average Blood Sugar Reading

4 Percent 68 mg/dl
5 Percent 97 mg/dl
6 Percent 126 mg/dl
7 Percent 154 mg/dl
8 Percent 183 mg/dl
9 Percent 212 mg/dl
10 Percent 240 mg/dl
11 Percent 269 mg/dl
12 Percent 298 mg/dl
13 Percent 326 mg/dl
14 Percent 355 mg/dl
15 Percent 384 mg/dl
16 Percent 413 mg/dl
17 Percent 442 mg/d

Meeting with your healthcare provider to take your A1c test four times a year will give you the feedback you need to adjust your therapy; keeping you on track to do your personal best.







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American Association of Endocrinologist

American Diabetes Association


Nadia’s feedback on your question is in no way intended to initiate or replace your healthcare professional’s therapy or advice. Please check in with your medical team to discuss your diabetes management concerns.

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