AskNadia: Feeling Pain in His Foot Three Days After a Wound

Dear Nadia,

My father has had diabetes for ten years now and is feeling pain in his feet three days after experiencing a wound on one of his feet. He has not had surgery takes insulin, and his blood sugars are high when he eats sweets.

His condition makes me sad. Please help me so; I can help him.


Dear MKS:

I know what it is like to worry about a parent with diabetes and want to help them ease their pain. My mother unfortunately suffered from many diabetes complications and I stood by her side as her advocate, providing her with as much information as I could find.

In your father’s case, I would take him to see his physician immediately. Especially, if he has experienced a foot wound. Untreated, an injury can become a more significant problem.

High blood sugars affect your nerves, and he could have nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) making his wound heal slower.

People with diabetes tend to have more skin issues to deal with than the people without diabetes. Poor circulation and nerve damage narrow the blood vessels near the skin, possibly clogging it, preventing wounds from healing because of the lack of blood flow.

Treatment for Neuropathy

High blood sugars affect your nervous system. Your ability to feel and respond accordingly may be a result of nerve damage. Nerve damage happens from high blood sugar levels. High blood sugars bind to the protein in your arteries, obstructing the blood flow. Neuropathy is a loss of blood supply and nerve function.

The Center for Disease and Control estimates that 33 to 50 percent of people with diabetes experience some neuropathy. A condition causing painful tingling, shooting pains and losing feeling in their hands and feet.

Your father’s physician may order blood tests to determine if he has neuropathy and if he does, he may prescribe medication to help relieve the pain.

Foot Ulcers

You father may also have a foot ulcer. The Center for Disease and Control reports that foot ulcerations can become a gateway to infections, giving people with neuropathy a higher probability of getting a foot ulcer.

Healthcare professionals recommend avoiding being barefoot. If your father does not wear shoes, he may be susceptible to stepping on something and not feel it if he has neuropathy. For people with diabetes, their healing process is slower. A small foot injury may be taken care of and healed. At its worst scenario, it can turn into an amputation. Preventive care goes a long way here.

For people with diabetes, it is recommended to get a foot checkup annually. For people with diabetes and neuropathy, it is recommended to go in every three months. It is better to catch an infection or lesion earlier because more treatment options may be available.

Treatment for Ulcers

Treatments for foot uclcers are debridement of the wound, cutting away the unhealthy tissue assuming the foot has good to normal blood circulation. Alternatively, surgery with a procedure that requires diverting the blood from the ulcer may be another treatment.

I hope this offers you the relief you need in helping your father. You may also be interested in reading these articles:

I hope this offers you the relief you need in helping your father. You may also be interested in reading these articles:





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Nadia’s feedback on your question is in no way intended to initiate or replace your healthcare professional’s therapy or advice. Please check in with your medical team to discuss your diabetes management concerns.

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