AskNadia: Disagree with Insulin Expiration

Dear Nadia,

Your post on insulin expiration is misleading. Insulin can last several days, or even a week or more, past the expiration date. Too many diabetics toss their insulin after 28 days and that’s entirely wasteful and costly. It’s good until it isn’t good, whether that’s 20 days or 35 days. The manufacturer only tests for 28 days, so their recommendation covers them legally. It also allows them to sell more insulin increasing their profits, which is the name of the game here.

I get 34 to 38 days from a vial with my regimen when I’m on low dosages, and I always keep my vials refrigerated, open or unopened. Diabetics need to find out what works for them as no two situations are the same.

Ted Martin
Iselin, NJ

Dear Ted,

Thank you for your email.

It wasn’t until I started attending diabetes support groups that I learned how many people living with diabetes had different variations of how, where and when they used their diabetes supplies.

If a subscriber asks me for my opinion on insulin refrigeration, it would be folly of me to recommend anything outside of what the FDA and the manufacturers have approved since the recommendations are based on research.

With that being said, it is also widely understood that both physicians do prescribe off-label, and people living with diabetes have antidotal experience, which is shared amongst each other and in support groups.

I appreciate your feedback in illuminating our readers on your perspective and habits.


Nadia’s feedback on your question is in no way intended to initiate or replace your healthcare professional’s therapy or advice. Please check in with your medical team to discuss your diabetes management concerns.

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