AskNadia: Can You Douche With Tea Tree Oil For A Urinary Tract Infection?

Dear Nadia,

Is Tea tree oil safe for someone with diabetes to use? Could the oil help to prevent urinary tract infections when used as a cleansing solution after urinating?


Dear CB:

The most common urinary tract infections (UTI) are usually a result of e-Coli contamination. Where wiping from back to front can create an infection in your bladder and urethra. A UTI infection means there is an imbalance in the bacteria flora that is naturally balanced in your vaginal area. If untreated- you most likely will have symptoms with lower back pain, oder, itching, painful urinating or no symptoms. Bacteria feeds on sugar, high blood sugar make the infection worse. Changing your diet to no sugar and no flower based foods- avoiding an ingredient that converts to sugar, will be helpful in treating your UTI. In  addition to a dietary change, a treatment is required to restore the floras vaginal balance.

Any UTI left untreated, can create kidney damage.

Postmenopausal women are at a higher risk for developing a UTI-. Men are less likely to have a urinary tract infection. People living with type 2 diabetes have a higher rate of UTI’s as reported by the American Diabetes Association 73rd Scientific Sessions.

Tea Tree oil is meant for external topical use only. If you mix the oil with water to wash your private parts, using it as an external cleanse, it appears to be fine since it is an antibacterial and can prevent UTI’s. I did not come across any research that suggested people with diabetes should not use tea tree oil or that is safe to use internally.

It is important to note- if you swallow tea tree oil it is toxic to your system.

I did find several recipes online for women’s hygiene supporting the use of tea tree oil internally but it does come with warnings to check your sensitivity to the oil as a test prior to douching with it. I would also consult with your healthcare professional prior to douching with tea tree oil because you may need antibiotics. If you are Asymptomatic after your douce, I would still check in with your healthcare professional. You want to avoid having the bacteria travel up your urinary tract to your kidney’s- possibly causing damage.

The recipes I found for bacterial infections such as, UTI,  yeast infections  and vaginitis combine other ingredients and oils diluting the tea tree oil concentration. Many websites have natural recipes for candida bacterial infections. But, they do not have any references let alone scientific based evidence  for their articles and recipes.

History of Tea Tree Oil
Did you know that the Tea Tree name comes from Captain Cook’s voyage when he made tea from the leaves of the melaleuca alternifolia tree while anchoring in Australia?

I have used tea tree oil in my hair for years and did not know it was discovered so far back in history with historical documentation in journals and books.

The oil gained popularity in Australia in the 1930’s after evidence-based research surfaced indicating the effectiveness of this natural ingredient- when used as an external antibacterial and anti-fungal treatment.

Keep us posted on your use of tea tree oil and what type of outcomes you experienced.

Wishing you the best in health!


History of Tea Tree

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