AskNadia: Fasting High Blood Sugars & The Dawn Phenomenon

Hi Nadia,

I have had Type 2 diabetes for ten years and I control it with diet and exercise. My fasting sugar levels are always high. My sugar level will not go down. What do I need to do to bring my fasting blood sugar level down?

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Dear Jack:

I am assuming that when you say fasting blood sugar, you mean your morning blood sugar level. If this is the case, it sounds like you might be experiencing the “Dawn Phenomenon”, when your body releases extra glucose in the morning before you wake up.

Dr. Bernstein, One of our board members says ” the dawn phenomenon is the situation where the liver removes insulin from the blood in the morning hours, which causes morning blood sugars to go up, even if breakfast is skipped.

Non-diabetics make insulin in little squirts about a minute apart. They make it whenever they need it and they make less of it if their blood sugar drops.”

If you can test in the early mornings several days in a row and log your readings, your doctor will be better able to help you ascertain if you are in fact experiencing the dawn phenomenon. The more data you have on your blood sugars in the wee hours of the morning, the more helpful it will be for your healthcare professional.


The low carbohydrates community will tell you that they experience better blood sugar readings when they cut out high carbohydrates from their diet. I have seen this to be true with my former type 1 husband. He went on the Bernstein diet back in the 1990’s and his blood sugar rarely spiked above 100. In the long run the strict diet was not sustainable for him. However, he still maintains a low carb diet which continues to help him keep his blood sugars in check.

Here are three more articles on the “Dawn Phenomenon” for you to read.

I hope you found this helpful.


The Dawn phenomenon: What Can You Do?


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