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Do you currently use a Bayer Glucometeror Ascensia brand glucose meter? Areyou looking for a way to download yourglucose readings from the meter to diabetesmanagement software on your computer?Bayer may have a solution for you: theirAscensia WinGlucofacts software.

Ascensia WinGlucofacts is a free softwareprogram that allows you to track yourglucose readings and view those readings inseveral different charts and tables, includingLog Book, Summary, Averages, GlucoseTrend, Modal Day/Week, Bar Chart, and PieChart. However, the most unusual featureis the Compare Window, which allows youto compare any two of the charts or tables.You can compare weekends with weekdaysand show the differences in a bar chart, piechart, or any other chart or table. A neatfeature of the software is its ability to savethe charts and tables last displayed and torestore them at a later time.

Another strong feature is the software’sability to merge two separate databases intoone. This means that if you have two copiesof the software, one to use at work and oneat home, you can merge the data from bothlocations into one centralized repository.

The software is very customizable and letsyou select which glucose meter you wishto download, the date-time format, timeranges, and so on. Ascensia WinGlucofactsalso offers a Tip of the Day “wizard” thatoffers one or more helpful tips on how touse the software upon start-up. Anotherfeature allows you to send data to yourhealthcare team via fax or e-mail.

Ascensia WinGlucofacts Professionaloffers additional features for healthcareprofessionals. It contains a data “wizard”that goes beyond downloading data—itanalyzes data to find patterns in a patient’sglucose readings. For example, the datawizard can help you determine whether apatient’s diabetes control is better duringthe week than it is on weekends. Theprofessional version has additional featuresfor tracking laboratory tests and for lookingat data across a doctor’s or CDE’s rosterof patients. These features are useful forgathering data to use in gaining AmericanDiabetes Association recognition forphysicians or diabetes educators.

Ascensia WinGlucofacts runs on Windows95, 98, NT4.0, 2000, ME or XP with 21 MBhard disk space, a CD-ROM and a serial port.A data cable for downloading the glucosemeter is also needed and can be obtainedfrom Ascensia for $29.95.

The standard version of AscensiaWinGlucofacts can be downloaded forfree from the Ascensia Web site at The professional versionis available from

For additional information, call BayerCustomer Service at (800) 348-8100.

WinGlucofacts is compatible with thefollowing Bayer Ascensia glucose meters:

  • Bayer Ascensia Dex
  • Bayer Dexter-Z or Esprit
  • Bayer Ascensia Elite XL
  • Bayer Glucometer M or M+
  • Bayer Ascensia Breeze or Confirm
  • Bayer Ascensia Contour

Questions and Answers:

Will AscensiaWinGlucofacts run on alaptop computer with aUSB port?

Ascensia WinGlucofactsrequires a serial port, but youcan purchase a USB-to-serialadapter that will allow it towork with a USB port.

Is it possible for a patientto use the professionalversion of AscensiaWinGlucofacts?

Yes, a patient could use theprofessional version. In fact,the Data Wizard would bea big reason for using theprofessional version instead ofthe patient version. The otheradditional features would notbe more useful for healthcareproviders.

Just what is the DataWizard, and how does itwork?

The Data Wizard does astatistical analysis of glucosereadings, insulin dosagesand lifestyle events, andit automatically looks forpatterns, or trends, in thisdata. It makes finding changesin the patterns fairly easywithout spending a lot of time“manually” analyzing thedata. It also helps correlatechanges in insulin dose tochanges in glucose readings,etc.

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  1. I want to download the software for your Win Glucofacts Professional program. I can not find the software download. where is it?

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