Ascensia Breeze Meter Called Arthritis-Friendly

Bayer Diabetes Care of Tarrytown, New York, announced that its Ascensia Breeze blood glucose–monitoring system received an ease-of-use commendation and a product seal from the Arthritis Foundation. According to Bayer Diabetes Care, Ascensia Breeze is the first blood glucose meter to be recognized by the Arthritis Foundation for a design that is user-friendly for the more than eight million Americans with arthritis who also have diabetes.

Diabetes and Arthritis

“Arthritis is one of the most common coexisting conditions we see in diabetic patients and, when uncontrolled, diabetes can lead to serious complications such as heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, diabetic neuropathy, amputations, kidney failure and blindness,” says Steven Edelman, MD.

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