Artificial Pancreas Project Launched

The Disetronic Group has initiated and received approval for the development of an innovative new insulin delivery system with integrated monitoring of blood sugar.

The goal of the ADICOL project (Advanced Insulin Infusion with a Control Loop) is to develop a kind of artificial pancreas to the prototype stage, so that the daily insulin dosage can be administered to people with diabetes practically, automatically and exactly in the required amounts.

The ADICOL system consists of a glucose sensor and insulin pump. The sensor is implanted under the skin to continuously measure and display the blood sugar concentration. If the measurement exceeds or falls short of the critical concentration, the sensor emits an alarm. With special software the sensor controls the insulin pump to dispense precisely the dosage of insulin needed.

Bruno Reihl, head of research and development for The Disetronic Group, expects the ADICOL project to result in substantial advances in diabetes care. According to The Disetronic Group, the universities of Graz and Perugia will collaborate as clinical centers as well as the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering and SensLab GmbH, both of Germany, for sensor technology. The City University of London, and Judex, a Danish firm, will also collaborate for expertise in control algorithms and simulation models.

For more information, contact David Chadwick, director of regulatory affairs at The Disetronic Group at 612-795-5200.

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