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The headline of Peak Experience’s press release reads “Too old for Diabetes Summer Camp? Backpack the John Muir Trail, July 1993.” What Peak Experience has in mind is a 21 to 25 day journey through some of California’s most treasured wilderness land-and it’s entirely for people with insulin-dependent diabetes.

The 220 mile trek, led by health professionals with mountaineering experience, will take participants with Type I diabetes along the rugged John Muir Trail, through the Yosemite Valley and up to the peak of Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States.

The Peak Experience program, which is sponsoring the outing, will select participants based on their preparedness for such a physically demanding excursion. Applicants are expected to have had some backpacking experience, have good aerobic fitness, and be able to supply their own equipment.

All appplicants need to write a brief letter describing 1) their previous backpacking experience, 2) their insulin and blood glucose monitoring routines and equipment, 3) why they want to try this trip, and 4) what it is they do to keep in shape. Included in the letter should be the applicant’s name, phone number, and return address. Letters should be sent to: Peak Experience, James Hill, RN, BSN, Program Director, 1604 Cerro Sonoma Circle, Petaluma, CA 94954-5726. Their phone number is (707) 769-9323.

Peak Experience will select participants by January 13, 1993, and all interested individuals are encouraged to apply early.

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