Are You Prepared for Hypoglycemia?

At a recent British Diabetes Association Annual Meeting, a study was presented saying that many people with diabetes are not taking adequate precautions against hypoglycemia.

A questionnaire was administered to 207 insulin-treated diabetes patients. Eighty of the patients had type 2 diabetes and the remaining 127 had type 1 diabetes. The questionnaire asked them general questions about their self-treatment of hypoglycemia. Many of the respondents knew that hypoglycemia is the most common complication associated with intensive insulin treatment, however, only 24 percent of the type 1s and 20 percent of the insulin-treated type 2s admitted to carrying a fast-acting carbohydrate at the time of completion of the questionnaire.

Type 1 patients reported that they had experienced more mild hypoglycemia than the type 2 subjects. Only 61 percent of the patients admitted to treating hypoglycemia when they get symptoms, while 23 percent say they would not treat hypoglycemia, even if their blood sugar was below 2 mmol.

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