Are Height And Diabetes Related?

In a report published in Diabetes Care, October 1992, researchers from the Leicester General Hospital, Leicester, England, studied the relationship between height and the onset of clinical diabetes in children.

The results of the study suggest that children who became diabetic were considerably taller than non-diabetic children. This increase in height was evident up to three years before diagnosed diabetes.

The authors of the study speculate that if the height increase is caused by the same genetic or external factors that lead to Type I diabetes in children, then their brothers and sisters might also be affected. A further result of the study revealed that brothers and sisters of children with diabetes were not found to be any taller than average, and therefore probably not affected.

Though the cause for the height increase is unknown, the researchers found the results of their study to be in agreement with their assumption that the height increase may be caused by changes in metabolism that occur before the onset of diabetes.

Regardless of the cause for the height increase, the authors of the report stress that, in order to continue the search for the cause of diabetes in children, suspected disease causing factors should be watched for up to three years before the onset of diabetes.

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