Another Blow to the Trans Fat Rep

“Trans fatty acid [TFA] intake is positively associated with markers of systemic inflammation in women,” say Harvard Medical School researchers.

Previous research has demonstrated that TFA intake is linked to heart disease and diabetes. Systemic inflammation, however, is a new kid on the block, and no relationship between the two has been investigated yet.

In 823 “generally healthy” women who participated in the Nurses’ Health Studies I and II, TFA intake was positively associated with the inflammation markers sTNF-R1 and sTNF-R2 (10 percent and 12 percent higher, respectively, in the group with the highest intake of TFAs.) TFA intake was not associated with the inflammation markers IL-6 or CRP concentrations overall but was positively associated with IL-6 and CRP in women with higher body mass index.

—American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, April 2004

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