Animas to Launch its Wireless Glucose Management System by Mid-August

In the wake of its clearance by the FDA, Animas Corporation says it will make its new OneTouch® Ping™ glucose management system available to people with diabetes by mid-August.

The system is the first full-featured insulin pump that can wirelessly communicate with a blood glucose meter. Users can calculate insulin doses and wirelessly instruct the pump to deliver them without touching the pump at all. 

OneTouch Ping is the first integrated product from two companies within Johnson & Johnson’s Diabetes Care Group: Animas manufactures insulin pumps and LifeScan makes the OneTouch brand of glucose meters and test strips.

The new system boasts the following features.

  • The pump can be clipped to a belt, tucked in a pocket or secured under clothing
  • It is waterproof in up to 12 feet of water for 24 hours
  • It has the lowest basal increments (0.025 U/hr) and lowest bolus increments (0.05 U) currently available on an insulin pump
  • It uses currently existing test strips (OneTouch Ultra)

The system will also work with the recently FDA-cleared ezManager® MAX diabetes management software. The software allows users to download data from the insulin pump and meter for review of insulin delivery and blood glucose history by healthcare professionals.

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