Animal Insulin Allies in the U.K.

There is good news for people in the U.K. who are unsatisfied with the lack of animal insulins. CP Pharmaceuticals of Wrexham, England is now producing beef and pork insulins in cartridges for use with a free pen injection device as well as the normal 10 ml vials.

The following types of animal insulin will now be available in England: Hypurin Porcine Neutral short-acting, Hypurin Porcine Isophane intermediate-acting, and Hypurin Porcine Biphasic – a mixture of 30 percent neutral plus 70 percent isophane.

Available beef insulin include: Hypurin Bovine Neutral short-acting and Hypurin Bovine Isophane intermediate-acting.

Available only in 10 ml vials: Hypurine Bovine PZI long-acting and Hypurine Bovine Lente long-acting.

The free injection device – the Owen Mumford Autopen – is manufactured by Owen Mumford of Woodstock, New York and accepts 1.5 ml cartridges.

Jenny Hirst, chairwoman of the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust, was pleased to hear of CP Pharmaceuticals’ decision to supply animal insulins. “Thanks to CP, people with diabetes now have an equal choice of insulins, and the market has changed, so that we can feel more secure about our future insulin supplies.” To contact CP Pharmaceuticals write: CP Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ash Road North, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, United Kingdom LL139UF or phone: 01-978-666-172

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