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An Update on Bydureon

You’ve heard of the blockbuster drug Byetta, a daily injection for type 2 diabetes? Byetta’s sister product, Bydureon, which is injected just once a week, has just been approved by the FDA and is available in pharmacies.

Both of these injectable exenatide medications have the same active ingredient. Bear in mind that they are not insulin replacements. They can be used with other type 2 medications, but may cause low blood sugar if the other type 2 doses are not adjusted. If you have ketoacidosis or type 1 diabetes, these medications are not for you, nor are they recommended for children.

You may experience nausea when going on Bydureon. Other possible side effects include constipation, diarrhea, and headache. To read all the safety information for Bydureon, go to

Some people qualify for a copayment savings card when purchasing Bydureon. The program is intended to give patients more access to Bydureon by saving them up to $50 a month for a 24-month prescription. Go to to find out if you qualify.

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