Almased Synergy Diet Teaches Body to ‘Think Thin’

The Almased Turbo Diet, according to its manufacturer, is a “stimulantfree” diet that teaches the body to “think thin.”

According to Almased USA, Inc., “The unique composition and synergistic effectsof the ingredients invigorate the body metabolism and promote weight loss by burninglong-term fat deposits.”

Almased combines 53 percent soy, 22 percent skim milk, and 25 percent raw honey richin enzymes into a fermented “Vital Nourishment” powder. It has a lowglycemic index of 27 and a very low glycemic load of 4. It contains no ephedrine,caffeine, or artificial fillers.

For more information or to find a retailer near you, log on to or call (877)256-2733.

Source: Almased

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