Albertson’s Supermarket Chain Joins Diabetes Alliance

Albertson’s LLC, a nationwide supermarket chain with more than 200 stores, has announced that it will participate in the Diabetes Control Program (DCP) of the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance. The DCP works through trained pharmacists to provide education and support to people with diabetes.

Albertson’s has already introduced the program at stores in Phoenix and Tucson and will expand it to Dallas, Tampa, and Orlando later this year. The Boise, Idaho-based chain joins other alliance members that include UnitedHealth Group, the YMCA, Walgreen’s, Kroger, and Novo Nordisk.  

Under the DCP, in-store pharmacists at select Albertson’s locations will conduct blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure testing for program participants, with on-the-spot results that give them immediate feedback on their progress in managing diabetes.

Besides the public service aspects of the program, participating pharmacies will receive incentive payments based on participants’ results, such as weight loss and lowered blood pressure and cholesterol. 

UnitedHealth Group created the Alliance in 2010 to address the growing epidemic of prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, which could affect more than half of all Americans by 2020 at an annual cost of $500 billion if current trends continue.

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