Alan Moses is the associate vice president of medical affairs for Novo Nordisk Inc.

How does Novo Nordisk continue to evolve inthe diabetes care industry?

Since we first marketed insulin in 1923, NovoNordisk has been at the forefront of diabetesresearch and innovation. Over the years, wehave paid particular attention to providingthe most purified insulin, and with the adventof recombinant DNA technology, we havefocused on developing innovative insulinanalogs that can fulfill the needs of the broadspectrum of diabetes patients.

Unlike competitors that focus on severaltherapeutic disease areas, Novo Nordiskdedicates nearly 75 percent of the company’sresources to diabetes care, affirming thatthe company is the optimal partner in careto physicians, diabetes educators, patients,third-party organizations, managed careorganizations and government.

What is insulin detemir, and what is the mostpromising thing about it?

Insulin detemir is a new long-acting insulinanalog for the treatment of both type 1 andtype 2 diabetes. Insulin detemir is a neutralpH soluble basal insulin analog that ischaracterized by very low variability in serumprofiles on a day-to-day basis. In addition, inlong-term clinical studies, insulin detemir wasassociated with some weight loss or minimalweight gain. We believe that insulin detemirwill have certain advantages as a basal insulinand that it will improve glucose control formany patients.

What are some other drugs that NovoNordisk has in the pipeline?

The Novo Nordisk pipeline promises severalnew products that will continue to exemplifyour commitment to treating the full cycle ofdiabetes and to provide a solution to everypatient with diabetes. Further down the roadis the AERx Insulin Diabetes ManagementSystem (iDMS), an inhaled insulin beingdeveloped for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Lastyear, Novo Nordisk acquired full developmentand manufacturing rights to AERx iDMS.

Another exciting product in the pipeline isliraglutide, an investigational therapy for type2 diabetes based on the naturally occurringhormone glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). GLP-1 and inhaled insulin are the latestbreakthrough technologies and newest classesof drugs in diabetes care, with the potential tosubstantially change the approach to diabetestreatment.

What educational materials do Novo Nordiskoffer the healthcare professional?

Novo Nordisk provides grants for continuingeducation programs and materials on topicsrelated to diabetes management and theappropriate use of insulin and delivery devices.These programs and materials are availableto the many varied healthcare professionalsinvolved in diabetes care, including physicians,pharmacists, nurses, dietitians, case managersand nurse practitioners. In addition, physicianscan visit toparticipate in interactive learning programsfocused on therapeutic options aroundtreating diabetes and insulin and deliverydevices.

What is the future of insulin, and how willNovo Nordisk continue to be an industry leader?

While Novo Nordisk and other companies willintroduce exciting new diabetes therapiesin the next few years, we expect insulin toremain an important part of effective diabetestherapy. Unfortunately, we have learned fromthe natural history of type 2 diabetes thatinsulin secretion continues to decline overtime, and that eventually insulin therapy isrequired in a large number of patients toachieve acceptable glucose control. Withthe continuing increase in the prevalence ofdiabetes and its younger age of onset, insulintherapy will continue to be the mainstay ofdiabetes control for an increasing number ofpatients.

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