Aerobic and Resistance Exercise: Good Alone, but Best Together

A study comparing the benefits of aerobic versus resistance traininghas found that either is good, but both are better, when it comes tolowering A1c's in people with diabetes.

The study examined 251 sedentary adults with type 2 diabetes andassigned them either 45 minutes of aerobic exercise, 45 minutes ofresistance training, or 45 minutes of a combination of both, allperformed three times a week. A fourth group did nothing at all.

After twenty-six weeks of this, the do-nothing group saw no changeat all, of course. Both the aerobic and the resistance traininggroups saw a half percentage point drop in their A1c's. But thegroup that did both saw nearly a full-point drop in their A1c's.

In light of the fact that a one-point drop in A1c is associated witha 15 to 20 percent drop in risk of heart attack and a 25 to 40percent drop in risk of diabetic eye or kidney disease, it might bewise to get that gym bag out again.

Source: EurekAlert; Annals of Internal Medicine, September 2007

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