Advanced Maternal Age Linked to Preterm Births

Canadian researchers have recently confirmed that women of advanced maternal age – that is, over 40 years old – have the highest risk of preterm births. However, despite what medical professionals previously believed, this increased risk may not be due to the use of medical interventions and reproductive technology alone. The results were similar even when adjusting for factors like placenta previa and gestational diabetes.

The study found that women over the age of 40 had the highest risk of preterm births, while women in the 30-34 age category had the lowest risk. The over-40 mothers were 14% more likely than the 30-34-year-old mothers to have a preterm birth. Births to over-40 mothers were preterm 7.8% of the time, and about 1% of births resulted in very early deliveries.

These findings were published in PLOS ONE on January 31, 2018.

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