Addition of Chromium May Be the Right Mix for Sulfonylurea-Using Type 2s

Chromium picolinate supplementation in type 2s already taking sulfonylureas significantly improves insulin sensitivity and glucose control. In addition, it also improves body weight when compared with a placebo group.

For three months, 37 type 2s were placed on a sulfonylurea (Glucotrol 5 mg per day) with placebo. Participants were then randomized to receive either Glucotrol plus placebo or the sulfonylurea plus chromium picolinate for six months. “Subjects randomized to sulfonylurea plus placebo, as opposed to those randomized to sulfonylurea plus chromium picolinate, had a significant increase in body weight, percent body fat and total abdominal fat,” write the researchers. “Subjects randomized to sulfonylurea plus chromium picolinate had significant improvements in insulin sensitivity . . . and free fatty acids.”

Diabetes Care, August 2006

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