A Tip for Pump Users

You’ve used Skin Prep and the tape that comes with the infusion set but it still doesn’t stick. And what about when the tape comes undone and the infusion set crimps? DIABETES HEALTH asked Bruce Bode, MD, how to solve this problem.

You should always use IV Prep, Skin Prep or some other type of solution before inserting any type of infusion set. IV Prep not only provides for antiseptic cleaning of the insertion site, but it also helps to protect against skin irritation while also making the tape stick better. It is very important to push the tape firmly down, beginning at the center where the hole is and working your finger to the edge of the tape. It also helps to apply additional pressure around the wings of the infusion set where the tape meets the skin.

Another problem is perspiration. Use an anti perspirant around the injection site and under the adhesive. But make sure the anti perspirant is removed from the area under the needle insertion with IV Prep or Skin Prep. Also make sure the anti perspirant dries completely before applying the tape and the needle infusion set.

Another option would be to try anti perspirant first, then cover with tape, insert the infusion set through the tape, then apply another layer of tape over the infusion set. This is known as a sandwich technique.

Since everyone’s skin type is different, it might be necessary to experiment with different kinds of tape such as Tegaderm HP by 3M [(800) 228-3957], IV 3000 by Smith & Nephew Inc. [(800) 876-1261], or Polyskin by Kendall [(800) 962-9888]. There is also Skin Tac-H by Mason Labs Inc. [(800) 523-2302] which is a liquid adhesive that is brushed on the skin to enhance the adhesive abilities of the tape.

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