A Spoonful of Vinegar Makes the Glucose Go Down

Here's a sour little bit of good news for type 2s: taking two tablespoons ofvinegar at bedtime can lower fasting glucose levels the next morning by as muchas 6 percent.

Researchers at Arizona State University knew that taking vinegar with meals hasbeen shown to lower glucose levels, so they decided to see if it would have anyeffect during sleep. They studied four men and seven women, ages 40 to 72, whowere not taking insulin. The subjects had a fasting glucose of 7.6 mmol/L beforethe study, compared to 5.5 mmol/L or lower in people without diabetes.

The study called for the participants to measure their fasting glucose levelsfor three days, then follow a standardized meal plan for two days. At bedtime,one group consumed 1 oz. of cheese with water while the other accompanied thecheese with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. After two days, participantswho had drunk vinegar went vinegar-free for three to five days to allow theirsystems to eliminate all traces of the substance. They then shifted to cheeseand water, trading places with the other group.

After the experiment, researchers found that the vinegar treatment had reducedfasting glucose levels by an average 4 percent, compared to 2 percent insubjects who had received a placebo. The best news was that for six of theparticipants whose normal fasting glucose was greater than 7.2 mmol/L the dropin glucose averaged 6 percent.

Researchers said that more study will be required before they can declare thatvinegar is a useful adjunct therapy in the treatment of diabetes.

Source: Diabetes Care, November 2007

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