A Peek into the Benefits of the AADE and 3 Candidates for the Board of Directors

The polls are open for voting for new members of the AADE board, AADE officers, and the nominating committee. Diabetes Health wishes Board of Directors candidates and former DH Guest Editors, Jane Jeffrie Seley, Kim Higgins, and Deborah Greenwood, the best of luck.

The American Association for Diabetes Educators (AADE) is a professional organization made up of (mostly) diabetes educators whose focus is on helping people with diabetes improve their health. Started in 1973, the organization is enjoying its 36th year in 2009.

The AADE’s 2009 volunteer president is Marcia Draheim, a registered nurse and a certified diabetes educator. Draheim says that the AADE is the only organization that advocates for diabetes educators. The AADE is a multi-disciplinary organization that is proactive in the community and interactive with its members, she asserts. “We advocate proactively by having a presence in Washington in promoting healthcare and discussing issues like reimbursement. We are leading the way in defining what diabetes education is and defining the scope of practice and how it’s carried out. We define the roles of diabetes educators and other ancillary members of the health team so that there is clarity on how education is provided.”

The AADE has developed practice guidelines and they provide tools that allow diabetes education to measure the quality of programs. Just this year, the AADE became an accreditation program, which means they can evaluate and certify diabetes education programs. There are just three programs that accredit diabetes health education, according to Draheim; the Indian Health Service, the ADA (they approve or recognize programs only), and now the AADE. Draheim says they have streamlined the process of accreditation and they will work with programs that wish to be accredited (for example, programs wishing to receive Medicare). Draheim stresses that it is not a “pass/fail” situation. They have counselors that will work to help programs get through the accreditation process. “It’s a win/win situation,” she says.

The AADE also helps individuals by providing continuing education, practice guidelines, and more. “We provide an umbrella of services so that members can get all the necessary things they require to carry out their DE work,” says Draheim.

The AADE is currently voting for open spots on the Board of Directors, AADE officers, and for the nominating committee. Members can vote via mail or online until June 15, 2009.

Draheim says she is very excited about the current crop of nominees for spots in the AADE’s leadership. She feels the organization is really hitting its stride and they have some “wonderful candidates this year.”

Diabetes Health is very excited about three of our guest editors being on the ballot for Board of Directors. If you are a voting member of the AADE, please consider voting for Jane Jeffrie Seley, MPH, MSN, GNP, CDE, BC-ADM; Deborah Greenwood, MEd, CNS, BC-ADM, CDE; and Kimberly Higgins, RN, CDE. We have printed more information about their candidacy below.


Jane Jeffrie Seley, MPH, MSN, GNP, BC-ADM, CDE

New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center

Diabetes Nurse Practitioner

New York, NY

Applicant’s Statement:

Living with diabetes is not an easy task. As the number of people diagnosed with diabetes continues to multiply in record numbers, more and more patients will never have the opportunity to meet “live” with a diabetes educator and receive the knowledge and support that they need to manage their illness. The diabetes educators of the future will develop creative ways to address this need. Some strategies include organized mentorship programs with other healthcare professionals to increase their comfort level with educating and motivating patients, optimal use of convenient technologies to transfer information such as cell phones, and alternative classrooms using the internet, MP3 players and video games. I pride myself on my creativity and ability to think outside the box as well as my passion for providing the best possible care for my patients. Through publications and lectures, I promote the tremendous value of the diabetes educator.

If elected to office, what would you contribute to the development of AADE’s Goals?

My ability to collaborate with others to create a shared vision and a sense of community to reach consensus without compromising quality.

 National AADE Activities:

  • Chair, Inpatient Specialty Practice Group, January 2009-Present
  • Chair-Elect, Inpatient Specialty Practice Group, August 2007-December 2008
  • Member, Professional Practice Committee, January 2008 -Present

 Local AADE Chapter Activities:

  • New York City Program Director, Board of Directors, Metropolitan NY Association of Diabetes Educators (MNYADE), January 2002-December 2007
  • Member at Large, Board of Directors, Metropolitan NY Association of Diabetes Educators (MNYADE), August 1995-December 2001
  • Board Member, Board of Directors, NY Diabetes Educators of Lower Hudson Valley (NYDELHV), 1990-1992

 Other National Professional Activities:

  • Chair, Council on Education, American Diabetes Association, January 2008-Present
  • Member, Scientific Sessions Planning Committee, American Diabetes Association, January 2007-Present
  • Member, Book Acquisitions Committee, American Diabetes Association, January-December 2007
  • Editor, Program Publications Editorial Board, American Diabetes Association, January 2005-December 2006
  • Member, Advertising Review Board, American Diabetes Association, January 1993-December 1995

Other Local Professional Activities:

  • Chair, Diabetes Expo, American Diabetes Association, 2003-2005
  • Chair-Elect, Diabetes Expo, American Diabetes Association, 2001-2002
  • Volunteer, Diabetes Alert Day, American Diabetes Association, Annually for past 20 years.
  • Chair, Board of Directors, New York City Chapter, American Diabetes Association, 1993-1994
  • Chair, Board of Directors, Lower Hudson Valley Chapter, American Diabetes Association, 1991-1993


Deborah Greenwood, MEd, CNS, BC-ADM, CDE
Sutter Medical Foundation
ADA Program Cordinator, Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist
Sacramento, CA

Applicant’s Statement:
The diabetes educator of the future will need be a mentor, consultant, and business person. Educators will mentor new passionate professionals, as well as guide peer-educators who will support diabetes self management in the escalating diabetes population. CDE’s as Medicare providers of DSMT will increase access to quality, cost-effective services. Innovative educational approaches including webinars, blogs and social networking sites will be necessary to meet the needs of a new generation. Additionally, educators must understand reimbursement and be cognizant of program revenue and expenses. As ADA Coordinator, I initiated a reimbursement CQI, inviting the Revenue Supervisor to join our advisory committee. Affiliates are sharing reimbursement reports, billing practices, and reviewing creative revenue generating solutions. With decreased funding for continuing education, educators will need to explore inventive opportunities for professional development. Diabetes Educators of the future need to arm themselves with the skills to thrive, not just survive in, our changing world.

If elected to office, what would you contribute to the development of AADE’s Goals?
I will contribute to the goals of AADE by raising awareness of the importance of DSMT and the benefits of CDE’s as Medicare providers. I will employ my passion for Professional Development to promote universal guidelines for international diabetes curricula and training. I will foster Driving Practice by encouraging collaboration between providers, health care systems and the community. I believe global partnerships are essential for attaining the goals of AADE.

National AADE Activities:

  • Member, Annual Meeting Program Committee, July 2007-August 2009
  • Member, Chapter President’s Council, July 2008-Present
  • Member, Advanced Practice Nursing SPG, June 2006-Present
  • Member, Public Health SPG, January 2009-Present

Local AADE Chapter Activities:

  • President, Golden Empire Diabetes Educators, July 2008-December 2009
  • President-Elect, Golden Empire Diabetes Educators, July 2007-July 2008
  • Member, Golden Empire Diabetes Educators, June 2006-Present
  • Member, Diabetes Educators of the Chicago, Area, January 2004-June 2006
  • Member, Diabetes Educators of Eastern Massachusetts, June 1987-June 1990

Other National Professional Activities:

  • Board Member, Lights, Camera, Cure, NFP, June 2004-Present
  • Board Member, Advisory Board, CECDM-Center of Excellence for Chronic Disease Management in Emerging Economies, May 2008-Present
  • Grant Manager, Interventions Focus Group-California, Diabetes Primary Prevention Initiative, CDC, June 2006-April 2009
  • “Ask the Expert”, Professional Council, dLife Corporation, March 2006-Present

Other Local Professional Activities:

  • Chair, Education Committee, Diabetes Coalition of California, April 2009-April 2010
  • Co-Chair, Education Committee, Diabetes Coalition of California, April 2008-April 2009
  • Member, Executive Committee, Diabetes Coalition of California, April 2008-April 2010
  • Member, Leadership Committee, Golden State Diabetes Network, March 2008-Present
  • Member, Do You cAARd? Taskforce, Collaboration between California Diabetes Program and California CDE’s, June 2006-Present


Kimberly Higgins, RN, CDE
Diabetes Consultant
San Ramon, CA

Applicant’s Statement:
My experience with the chronic disease management systems allows me to view the role of the diabetes educator as one of coordinating other health care professionals (hcp) to support the management and care of people with diabetes.

● Education will need to occur in many places; primary care offices, community centers, churches, barber shops and coffee shops, wherever people gather…

My involvement with Community outreach training has shown that we need to:
● train community partners to further our reach.
● expand the training of HCP’s to those unlicensed personnel that provide direct patient care in the Dr’s offices and clinics.

The evolution of the Diabetes Educator will include:
Creative Reimbursement and Group Process benefits to promote:
● shared medical appointments with education incorporated
● group education that can be repeated over and over for the underserved: those with lack of transportation, or low literacy. 
● Prevention of the explosion of diabetes into next generation

If elected to office, what would you contribute to the development of AADE’s Goals?
Recent experience on the Membership Committee for AADE: focus on promoting AADE as the DE’s primary professional organization.
● previous CLC and an active member of the Public Affairs Committee for AADE
● extensive training as a lobbyist, years of experience meeting with legislators in Sacramento and
   Capitol Hill
● co-editor of the first AADE Reimbursement Guide;
● faculty at the JJDI, new and innovative ways to extend their reach into their communities

National AADE Activities:

  • Member, AADE Membership Committee, August 2007 – December 2008
  • Member, Public Affairs Committee, 1996 – 2001
  • Member, Insulin Pump Specialty Practice Group, 1999 – 2003
  • Co-editor, Reimbursement Guide, 1996 – 2000
  • Chapter Legislative Coordinator, State Legislative Coordinator, Advocacy, 1998 – 2001

Local AADE Chapter Activities:

  • President, Executive Board, San Francisco Bay Area Association of Diabetes Educators, 1999 – 2004
  • President -Elect, Executive Board, San Francisco Bay Area Association of Diabetes Educators, 1998 – 2003
  • Past President, Executive Board, San Francisco Bay Area Association of Diabetes Educators, 2000 and 2005
  • Chapter Legislative Coordinator, Advocacy, San Francisco Bay Area Association of Diabetes Educators, 1998 – 2001
  • Coordinator, Becoming an Educator, San Francisco Bay Area Association of Diabetes Educators, 2005 – Present

Other National Professional Activities:

  • Faculty for HANDS(Diabetes care in the schools) program for NASN (National    Association of School Nurses)

Other Local Professional Activities:

  • Chair, Diabetes Coalition of California, 2007 – Present
  • Chair, Education Committee, Diabetes Coalition of California, 2003-2007
  • Member, Advocacy Committee, Diabetes Coalition of California, 1998-2003
  • Volunteer, Ask Me- I’m an Educator, Taking Control of Your Diabetes, 2003-2008
  • Volunteer, Facilitator Training, American Diabetes Association, 1990-1994

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