A New Choice of Pump

DanaDiabecare, of Coral Springs, Florida, is now offering a new version of its insulin pump for purchase. The DanaDiabecare II pump promises user-friendly features and affordability, with a compact, lightweight size, lock-out mode, simple icon display screen and minimal button pushes to program basal and bolus rates. Some added memory features of the pump include space to hold 50 bolus rates, 50 daily totals, 50-item history of use, an alarm history feature and the ability to pre-program a bolus.

The pump was originally developed by Soo Bong Choi, MD, PhD, founder of the SOOIL Development Company of Seoul, South Korea. The pump has 40,000 users in Asia.

Dr. Choi’s mission, according to Les Capella, DanaDiabecare COO, is to be a “patient advocate for an affordable pump.”

The cost of DanaDiabecare II, approximately $4,500 at press time, is covered by insurance companies in the U.S. The pump, which received FDA approval last year, is currently available. For more information, contact DanaDiabecare at (866) 342-2322 or log on to sooil.com.

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