A Message From Dr. Polonsky

After reading new comments on an article we posted many years ago-  I felt compelled to write something- – comments and reach out to an inspiring behavioral Doctor who has spent decades helping patients cope with the emotional aspect of diabetes. 

William Polonsky the CEO of the Behavioral Diabetes Institute for ten years is renown for his work at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute.  He lectures at many professional conferences as an inspiring speaker to healthcare professionals that work with diabetes patients. Many of his graduating patients who gained key tips and insight went on to write books on how to cope with managing your diabetes.  Below are his comments to all people with diabetes who suffer from severe depression.

 Dr Polonsky writes:

“It breaks my heart to read some of these messages-   I understand the grim sense of hopelessness and despair that drive far too many people to think about ending their lives. For most people, depression and thoughts about suicide are often about feeling powerless—bad things are happening in your life, and it feels like there is nothing you can do about it. Also, if you are feeling powerless about diabetes, then it makes sense that a depression could loom large. This is probably why people with diabetes are at higher risk for depression and perhaps suicide. So what can I possibly say that will not sound terribly trite? Well, at the very least I want you to know that, with the help from a caring and competent mental health professional (preferably one who knows a lot about diabetes), you  can feel better again, a lot better. At our Institute, we’ve seen this miracle occur over and over, thousands of times. You can feel better again, and you can regain your life, and you can also feel a whole lot better about living with diabetes (which, as we all know, can be one tough disease!). Please, please, please—reach out for the help you need, and deserve.”

I can not tell you how many people I have met with diabetes who have spoken about the impact Dr. Polonsky has had on their life. If you are depressed or would like a behavioral tune up, I recommend attending Dr. Polonsky’s Institute in San Diego California.

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