A Light Prospect

On August 1, pump maker Animas Corporation received the Advanced Technology Program (ATP) award for its long-term implantable optical blood glucose monitor.

Animas of Frazer, Pennsylvania, will collaborate with Sarnoff Corporation of Princeton, New Jersey, to develop the sensor. Sarnoff will be responsible for the development of a mid-infrared diode array for the monitor. Animas has been developing the sensor since 1996.

Katherine Crothall, PhD, CEO of Animas, said in the company’s press release, “If the company is successful at the development of this monitoring technology, it could literally change the standard of care of diabetes by virtually eradicating extreme glycemic conditions and allowing patients to obtain better control of their blood sugar. Furthermore, in conjunction with an insulin pump, an accurate continuous glucose monitor could allow closed-loop control of blood sugar, thereby in essence creating an artificial pancreas.”

Animas will also receive an additional $3.18 million toward funding of the sensor. Crothall added, “The ATP award is extremely significant to Animas as it provides additional funding for this program that might otherwise be difficult to fund fully in the private-equity markets.”

For additional information visit Animas’s Web site at animascorp.com.

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