A Letter From LifeScan

LifeScan’s One Touch Profile meters may develop display problems, the company said in a January 8 letter to its customers.

The display, which presents test results and other important information, is made up of a series of “segments” that are turned on and off in various combinations to form letters and numbers.

If the meter’s display begins to fail, it might present a test result or a calibration code that is unrecognizable or that could be misinterpreted. LifeScan recently determined that One Touch Profile meters “exhibit a higher-than-expected number of display problems as they age,” adding that problems tend to peak two and a half years after the date the meter was manufactured.

How to Check the Display

A display test is already built into your One Touch Profile meter. When you first begin to perform a blood-glucose or control-solution test, the entire display flashes briefly when you turn on the meter. Carefully observe the display to make sure that all “segments,” or parts of the display, turn on each time you test.

If you need more time, press the power button again to turn off the meter. Then repeat the process by pressing and holding the power button. As an additional check, you can also watch your meter count down from 45 seconds to 0 to verify that the numbers are displayed correctly.

To aid in verification, you can request visual diagrams from LifeScan. Similar diagrams can also be found in your One Touch Profile meter owner’s booklet.

If you believe that your One Touch Profile’s display has a problem or if you need help determining whether your display is operating properly, LifeScan recommends that you call for assistance.

LifeScan states that, upon request, it will provide a new or equivalent meter free of charge to replace any One Touch Profile meter that has display problems.

For more information, call (877) 785-3456 in the United States or (888) 233-6622 in Canada.

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