A Book Review Just for Teens: “In Control: A Guide For Teens With Diabetes” by Jean Betschart, MN, RN, CDE, and Susan Thorn, RD, LD, CDE

Whom do you turn to for your changing needs as a teen with diabetes? Jean Betschart and Susan Thom have produced a great book that is sure to bring independence to the lives of many young adult readers.

In Control: A Guide for Teens with Diabetes, a 116-page paperback from Chronimed Publishing, is filled with positive, practical tips. Chapter heads include “When Diabetes Messes Up Your Life,” “Food Fads,” “Substance Abuse,” “Sexuality and Birth Control,” “Negotiating Dorm Life,” and “On the Job.”

Using a conversational, upbeat approach, the authors broach topics that many kids would never discuss with their parents, like recording false blood glucose levels that look “acceptable,” or denying diabetes in order to fit in with the crowd. By using a sense of humor and real anecdotes from teens with diabetes, Betschart and Thom have managed to treat diabetes seriously without being heavy or depressing. Illustrations by nationally syndicated cartoonist P.S. Mueller make In Control especially readable.

Teens are encouraged to “make diabetes as small a part of life as possible” while taking good care of their bodies.

In Control: A Guide for Teens with Diabetes, is available in leading book stores or direct from Chronimed Publishing, P.O. Box 59032, Minneapolis, MN 55459-9686. It costs $9.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Please call (800) 848-2793 with credit card orders.

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