78% Of Diabetics Want It – The Latest From Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk recently introduced Novolin Prefilled, a self-contained insulin delivery system, in two additional human insulin forms-Regular (short acting) and NPH (intermediate acting).

Novolin Prefilled is a multi-use, disposable insulin syringe filled with 150 units of Novolin human insulin (recombinant DNA origin). It features a dial-a-dose system that makes the insulin preparation stage of insulin injection easier, and it is used with NovoFine 30, which Novo Nordisk calls the “shortest, finest needle available in the United States.”

In a recent survey, people with diabetes who had never taken insulin viewed video clips of a person using a traditional syringe and vial and of a person demonstrating Novolin Prefilled. Seventy-eight percent of those surveyed expressed a preference for the new Novo Nordisk product.

Says Ken Capuano, president of Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, “We believe that by offering patients with diabetes more products that help simplify their therapy we can enhance compliance with the most effective therapeutic regimens.”

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