Below is a message I just received from Carol Atkinson of Insulin for Life-USA.  Please share it with people you know in Florida and pay close attention to help happening for those in the Fort Meyers area this weekend.  So if you have supplies, hear of someone in need, and/or have few bucks to share, help IFL—-please read and share:

“This morning IFL USA received a call from a physician (general practice DO) in Ft. Myers.  He was taking his dog for a car ride to enjoy a little AC as he was out of power.  He heard an interview on the radio (Editor’s note: Which was our good friend Joe Balavage, a diabetes dad and founder of a FABULOUS organization: Help a Diabetic Child who was on the Trey Radel radio show).  He came home and called to inquire if we could help.  He is working with his church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1305 Broadway Ave, Ft. Meyers, FL, 33901) to host a help center this weekend for three days to assist in the community.  He will be there and will assist those with diabetes.  We are working to send him supplies.  Hopefully we can ship today with overnight delivery.

If you receive word from some in his area, please be sure to point them in his direction.
If you hear of other health care providers have them call us.
Have a great day.


Carol Atkinson

(352) 327-8649″

If you cannot give supplies, feel free to give a donation to this incredible organization; during times like this—–their service is invaluable.
I am a DiabetesDad.
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