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In the Trenches: Diabetes Dad

When doing a PSA (or public service announcement), it’s always a fine line to capture all you can in just about 30 seconds.  I have been working on this PSA for months, understanding that the viewer will probably know little or nothing about diabetes.  Redoing, cutting, tweaking, and the entire time realizing that the real message holder is you; the video just reinforces your short message.

PLEASE HELP GET THE WORD OUT.  This is something WE ALL can do.

Please send this article to anyone in the diabetes community.
Send the link to all of the social media locations that are not diabetes related. PTA pages, your inner circle, sports pages, anywhere that there are parents. It is a short video of around 35 seconds, but it could save a life.  Most important is your quick personal message that accompanies the video.

This is the link to the PSA:

Take this link and post it with your message.  Keep it really short;
“Hi, this happened in our house before we knew…please watch.”
“This is something I knew nothing about before it happened, please watch and be sure.”
“This 35 second video could save a life……please watch.”
“My child had this disease and we did not even know at the beginning.”

(If this pertains to you, and you feel so inclined)
“Our child became seriously ill, I thought it was just a flu.  Please watch.”
“We lost our child, how I wish we knew about this.  Please do not let it happen to you.”

I hope you like PSA…..let’s make a difference together….let’s get the word out there.

Thank you for caring.
I am a diabetes dad.

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