50 Reasons Why Diabesity Wasn’t Prevalent 50 Years Ago

The following list shows 50 of the ways we have “convenienced” ourselves into diabesity. Before the technology boom, most Americans were active at work, at home, and at play. Much of what we did was manual, so we burned off the calories that we took in. When you consider that we did many of these activities on a regular basis, it is easy to see how we were able to remain trim. Obviously, no single one of these activities burns a large amount of calories by itself, but taken together, it is easy to see that the number of calories burned really begins to add up. (By the way, if you remember any of the things on this list, you don’t have to tell anyone.) 

  1. There were no TV remotes: You had to actually get up, walk over to the television, and turn a dial.
  2. “Super Size It” wasn’t invented.
  3. There were no personal computers.
  4. Microwave ovens were available only to the rich.
  5. Many women cooked full meals three times a day.
  6. There were no zip-lock bags (moms wrapped sandwiches with wax paper).
  7. Physical education was a requirement throughout high school. 
  8. Far fewer cars had power steering and brakes.
  9. Wringer washers were still in use.
  10. The hula hoop was a current fad.
  11. There were no bread making machines.
  12. Washing a car meant using a bucket, sponge, and a hose, because automatic car washes were few and far between.
  13. Many homes didn’t have a television.
  14. People had to iron their clothes: There was no such thing as permanent press.
  15. There were no video games.
  16. Frisbee was becoming popular.
  17. Cordless tools were pushed, pulled, or cranked.
  18. Electric garage door openers were rare.
  19. Soda machines dispensed only eight, 10, or 12 ounce bottles.
  20. Wood and coal were common heating sources.
  21. Automatic dishwashers were a luxury item.
  22. Most typewriters were manual.
  23. Most bicycles only had one speed. 
  24. Sidewalk games such as hopscotch were popular.
  25. Most lawn mowers didn’t have engines
  26. There were no leaf blowers, only rakes.
  27. There were no trash compactors.
  28. Most homes only had one telephone, and it had a three-foot cord. 
  29. Refrigerators and freezers required manual defrosting.
  30. There were no disposable diapers. Parents actually washed and dried diapers. 
  31. Many housewives didn’t have an automatic dryer: They hung out their clothes on a line.
  32. It was safe to let kids walk to school.
  33. There were no self-cleaning ovens.
  34. You could still work on your own automobile.
  35. The family ate meals together at the table.
  36. Many cars were manual shift, (three on the tree).
  37. Many people walked to the corner store for groceries: Supermarkets were just being invented.
  38. Weekend dances were popular, especially after football or basketball games.
  39. No one texted: People wrote letters in longhand.
  40. Airports didn’t have people-mover walkways.
  41. There were no electric toothbrushes.
  42. Garbage disposals were rare.
  43. A class “A” school lunch required a knife, fork, and spoon.
  44. Pizza was a rare treat, not a food staple.
  45. People took off storm windows and put on screens in the spring.
  46. They put the storm windows back on in the fall. 
  47. Kids had clamp-on roller skates.
  48. Riding lawn mowers were owned only by the rich.
  49. There were far fewer processed foods.
  50. The largest bottle of soda you could buy was 32 ounces.

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