2010 Diabetes Sisters Weekend for Women

Taking Control Of Your Diabetes TCOYD (www.tcoyd.org) and DiabetesSisters (www.diabetessisters.org) are nationwide non-profit organizations with similar missions of motivating and educating people with diabetes.  In 2010, TCOYD and DiabetesSisters are partnering to bring a unique, life-changing learning experience to women with diabetes.  The First Annual Weekend for Women Conference hosted by DiabetesSisters and TCOYD will begin at 5pm on Saturday, May 22nd (immediately following the TCOYD Conference) in Raleigh, North Carolina and end at 5pm on Sunday, May 23rd. The Weekend for Women Conference will take place at Marriott City Center in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina.  All participants will receive a single room at the hotel.  

“There is a natural synergy that exists between DiabetesSisters and Taking Control Of Your Diabetes (TCOYD)”, says Brandy Barnes, founder of DiabetesSisters.  “Both organizations are focused on the individual needs of people living with diabetes and both organizations were founded by individuals who are living with the disease.  These characteristics allow us to bring a unique perspective to our conferences and reach more people with diabetes.  The Weekend for Women Conference hosted by DiabetesSisters and TCOYD will be an unprecented national conference focused on the specific health concerns of women with diabetes.  Without a doubt, it will be a life-changing experience that women look forward to year after year!”

Weekend for Women participants will attend educational sessions on gender-specific topics related to diabetes treatment and care (such pregnancy, body image, journaling, nutrition), speak one-on-one with other women who are living successfully with diabetes, receive unbiased information on the emergence of new equipment and medications, and learn new tactics for improving their mental and physical health.  Participants will also relax and rejuvenate on Saturday evening through one (1) complimentary session in the “Sweet Suite.”  To kick off the educational sessions on Sunday, the seated breakfast will feature an entertaining and inspirational speaker, who shares something from her own experience of living with diabetes. 

“We all need someone to connect with- someone who understands what we are going through and has been in our shoes.  Women with diabetes are no different.”

The Sweet Suite: Relaxation.  Rejuvenation.  Ready to LIVE with diabetes.  After a day of learning and exploration at the TCOYD Conference, women will relax and rejuvenate.  From the moment they walk in the door of the Sweet Suite, women will find themselves immersed in luxury.  Weekend for Women Sweet Suite services are focused on providing women with diabetes the personal attention they deserve from a team of highly trained professionals.  From the therapeutic touch of a skilled massage therapist to nourishing benefits of facials, the Sweet Suite offeres a variety of services to help women with diabetes enhance their personal well being.  Each participant will receive (1) complimentary session of her choice to be redeemed in the Sweet Suite between 5pm-10pm on Saturday evening.

“Today’s world is so busy and rushed that it’s hard for us (women with diabetes) to take time out for ourselves and focus on our own health.  That’s what the Weekend for Women Conference hosted by DiabetesSisters and TCOYD is all about– educating, empowering, connecting, and even providing women with diabetes the extra attention that they deserve!” 

To find out additional information about the event location, registration and cost click here!

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